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Corporate Legal Services

The Group provides legal consultations by a special elite of advisors specialized in the legal sphere. Also, Advice Group for Legal Consultant is characterized by keeping up with the age’s developments and techniques.

At this fast-paced age, each human needs to accurately and rapidly know his rights, duties and legal position on something or project.

Such has been taken into consideration; we, here in the Advice Group, are not restricted to the traditional methods in our communication with the clients eager to have legal advice on something. Traditionally, any client having legal counseling should go to a specialized law firm. However, At the Group it is different, since you can send the legal advice to our office via the website stating all relevant details. Then, one of our specialized advisors will review it, give his legal opinion supported by texts of Law and send it via e-mail or fax, ensuring the confidentiality of all information and data stated in the legal advice.