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Words Of CEO/ Lawyer-Osama Alsanad

We believe that our main success is represented in providing support and help our clients to succeed and that is due to the precious trust that our clients have given us, we cherish this trust and take pride in it, this trust is a constant inspiration and motivation for us to proceed with providing a professional legal service.

Also, we realize that the team’s spirit, coherence, and the hard work of its members of consultants, lawyers, and assistants in a work environment that is ready for success and a healthy environment that helps to grow, are among the most important reason of our success and continuation.

We are aware that the achievement that we accomplish is attributed to our dear clients within Kuwait and abroad. They are our partners in success, as being our capital in which we invest.

Moreover, the competitive process in the labor market which gives us the motivation to exert all effort to work on the continuous development to provide the updates always and diligence in our field of work.

Advice Group Articles

المحامي / أسامة السند

المحكمة تقضي ببراءة موكلنا من تهمة ضرب طليقته على نحو محسوس وذلك بعد دفاعنا المقدم لهيئة المحكمة وتبيان أن أقوالها جاءت مرسلة لا يساندها...

المحامي / أسامة السند

المحكمة تبرئ موكلنا من تهمة إحراز و تعاطي مواد مؤثرة عقلياً وتلغي العقوبة المقضي بها بالحبس 3 سنوات وبتعديل عقوبة الغرامة لتصبح 50 دينار...

المحامي / أسامة السند

الاستئناف تلغي حكم أول درجة بالإدانة وتحكم بالبراءة لموكلنا الوافد المتهم بالتزوير في محررات عرفية كونه موظف مختص في احد الشركات الكبرى...

زمن البهرجات ولى !

في معرض حديثه قال المحامي أسامة السند ان الحضارة الإنسانية وتقدمها لا تنتظر ممن تتكون اللجان ، ولا تنتظر من يغلب من في عدد المؤتمرات...

Advice Group

Advice Group for Legal Consultant is a law firm with a high ranking in the legal services. It has been incorporated based on clear principles to provide justice for all, as well as providing our clients with legal services throughout State of Kuwait.

Thanks to our full commitment to our work and understanding of client’s requirements, our position in the sector has been strengthened. Our local and oversea clients are always expecting their interests and desired outcomes to be achieved through the legal services that we provide that fall under the institutional framework adopted by us.

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