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We have relationships with various governmental, diplomatic and commercial agencies.

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Legal Advisor program

In Advice Group, we are aware that this age is the time of business-investment relationship in which decisions are taken in the legal contractual framework for protecting its related parties. We witness an age in which an entrepreneur, practitioner or celebrity may need organizing his/her contractual relations for protecting his interests and objectives. Therefore, a personal advisor must be provided for giving the optimal advice on your employment contracts as well as your future plans. In this regard, our…

Intellectual Property Rights program

In this program, we provide a wide range of services for the trademarks, patents, industrial designs and models, name of online domain and copyrights. The Services of this program includes: • Registering trademarks, patents, industrial designs, models and copyrights. • Covering all needs of our client in respect of the intellectual property rights from the registration, litigation, keeping, maintenance, issuance of licenses and consultations related to the trademarks, patents and industrial designs and…

Family Lawyer

Family's lawyer is concerned with providing legal service to families in an easy, confidential, honest, and integral manner. The program is mainly developed to settle disputes of legal nature arising between members of a family and to offer legal consultations for families. Through this distinctive program, Advice offers legal services in fields of legal consultations, arbitration, and family disputes in an easy, confidential, honest, meticulous, and integral manner without reference to courts to maintain…

Air Transportation

We are specialized in following-up shippers and passengers' complaints. Advice will always try to settle such complaints within the scope of air transportation agreements concluded and in accordance with laws and regulations of specialized organizations such as International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and The International Air Transport Association (IATA). • Ability to prepare and review managerial contracts of internationally recognized airlines. • Ability to follow-up and handle labor disputes…

Maritime Transportation Disputes

With the evolution of international trade, maritime sales emerged to be suitable for such quick pace of life; however, some disputes clouding such processes for being concluded between traders from different countries. This in turn leads to overlap upon execution of sale contract and maritime transportation. Accordingly,international Chamber of Commerce set series of pre-defined commercial terms called "incoterms". These terms consist of a group of provisions related to sale such as "CIF" and "FOB" and…

Energy, Transportation, & Infrastructure

Our team of lawyers is of an extensive knowledge and experience required to provide all legal consultations related to fields of energy,transportations, and infrastructure. It is worth noting that Advice Group has developed several power, infrastructure, commercial deals specialized contracts & agreements.

Human Resources, Personnel Affairs, Recruitment, and Compensations

Advice Group is enjoying a great legal expertise concerning whatsoever related to human resources and personnel affairs. We also have an impressive long record of consultations provided in respect of structures, employees hierarchy, by-laws and employment contracts to several governmental and non-governmental entities, as well as several local and foreign companies. Moreover, Advice Group provides the necessary legal consultations for individuals regarding conditions of employment contracts, labor laws,…

Group Chairman's Speech

The group was established in order to assist clients in accessing justice, and our role is not only to provide support and assistance to our clients, but also to build trust between us and them, as it is a constant source of inspiration for us, and a continuous motivation to move forward in providing professional legal service at all levels.
We are aware that the achievement we achieve is attributed first to our dear customers inside and outside Kuwait, as they are our partners in success as they are our capital in which we invest, in addition to the competitive process in the labor market, which gives us the motivation to make every effort and work on continuous development, always introducing new things, and diligence in the field of our work.

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