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The Group engages in a number of arbitration cases, including:

  • Preparing and drafting arbitration agreements.
  • Settling disputes through reconciliation before recourse to arbitration.
  • Representing parties of arbitration and conciliation as an arbitrator and conciliator.
  • Observing all arbitration procedures before the competent bodies from the accreditation of the arbitration document to the delivery of arbitration award.
  • Preparing and filing appeal memorandum to challenge arbitral awards.
  • Observing the procedures to enforce the arbitration and conciliation awards.

Also, many lawyers and advisors employed by the Group are registered as international arbitrators in several international and local arbitration committee and bodies.

In addition, the Group is involved in many disputes as an intermediary between the disputing parties seeking an amicable settlement for the interest of its clients and avoiding to take legal actions before the courts.

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