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Collection of Debt



Advice Group collects the debts according to professional systems, rules and standards.

The Group is able to achieve a greatest success in the debt recovery through the use of number of solutions that may change depending on the status and nature of debt and debtors.

We have the skills required for negotiation and persuasion, we know when and how we carry out gradual escalation and how to deal with the repeated and the most common excuses. We commit to maintain strict confidentiality of our clients’ accounts and information.

The collection of stumbled debts requires not only the knowledge of all legal and statutory aspects related to these debts, but also the knowledge of many numerous aspects along with the statutory, legitimate, ethical and professional compliance disciplines.

Also, it is required to have special communication skills and high potential for analysis and planning.

Thus, the firm always seeks to maintain the greatest degree of excellence in such standards to reach the highest service that can be provided to our clients, whether individuals or companies.

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