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Drafting of Contracts



Simply, the Contract is a legally binding agreement.

It is known that the Contract drafted with a degree of professionalism and skill protects all parties from misunderstanding, even if either party argued, for his own benefit,that there is an ambiguity in one of the Contract’s paragraph.

This will not enable such party to file his complaint before the Court.

Since such party know in advance the advice of his lawyer that he will lose the lawsuit as long as he is bound to the Contract’s conditions and the Contract is drafted in a skilled manner through which the meaning is relevant and can’t be interpreted in two meanings.

Although most people know how it is important to draft legal contract in a professional manner where there can be no room for ambiguity and misunderstanding of any paragraph, some of them believed that they wouldn’t need a lawyer when signing any contract.

Definitely, this is not true since drafting of legal contracts needs an art, science and creativity.

The matter is not just a search for a form of rental contract, partnership contract, maintenance contract, or a contract of any kind then changing the contract paragraphs according to what fits you.

Thus, it is no wonder that the lawyer’s service is costly, since you, with the lawyer’s help, will be protected from signing any contract that lead to loss of all or part of your own properties.

In many cases, serious errors appear for those contracts when it is too late.

The lawyer’s consultation upon signing, for instance, a contract of employment, services contract or apartment or vehicle purchase contract or even your marriage contract, is priceless.

It is known that the legal contracts and agreements contain a lot of special phrases and terminologies. Thus, the presence of a lawyer understanding all of that will relieve you from engaging in complications or legal problems that you may face in the future.

In Advice Group for Legal Consultant, our lawyers work hard to help you drafting and writing any contract, whether rental contract, partnership contract, maintenance contract, contract of employment or any other kind of legal contracts.

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