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Advice Group for Legal Consultant is a law firm with a high ranking in the legal services, It has been incorporated based on clear principles to provide justice for all, as well as providing our clients with legal services throughout the State of Kuwait.

Thanks to our full commitment to our work and understanding of client’s requirements, our position in the sector has been strengthened. Our local and oversea clients are always expecting their interests and desired outcomes to be achieved through the legal services that we provide that fall under the institutional framework adopted by us.

We are always seeking to promote and raise the level of legal services provided to our clients, to find solutions to many of the corporate and individual cases, these basic principles are embodied in all our deals and clearly reflected in the transparent and effective result of the litigation process.

The Group has the experience, knowledge and practice required in the most complicated legal issues and relevant challenges, Also we are always committed and proud of providing the maximum degree of commitment to quality.

Our Group depends on a strategic, practical and pioneering the methods of working based on our ability to meet our clients’ immediate needs and develop plans with them to make their projects successful in the long term.

The group has been providing legal advice and consultations for many of years, ensuring to keep the pace with the development of legislation and laws. Such persistent search for great solutions and the lawyer’s recognized services and consultations enable the long-term trust to be established in the clients.

Our success is based on our unprecedented experience in dealing with the legal cases, negotiations and arbitration cases of our clients, answering all their inquiries and providing them with high-quality services to meet their requirements and establishing a strong long term relationship with our clients.

Being known as a distinct law firm in Kuwait and recognized for its implementation of the complicated local and international legal cases, the group has a cooperation relationship with several international law firms and their branches around the world.Thus, the Group has the ability to help the clients anywhere in the world through a team of experienced lawyers and consultants with judiciary knowledge to fulfill the clients’ needs.

Due to distinctive performance and good-will that the Group has achieved locally and internationally, the major authorities and companies in the commercial, economical and technology field have joined to the Group’s clients. Thus, the Group becomes one of the most experienced and effective law firm in dealing with all judicial disputes as well as performing and finalizing legal dossiers. As a result, a further burden to provide the best service is placed upon the Group so that it can be listed among the international law firms.

Furthermore, the Group provides legal services to several clients, whether local or international, through its registered office and its respective services in the Kuwaiti ministers and institutions and multi-national corporations inside Kuwait and abroad.
The Group employs a group of qualified lawyers with specialized skills in all legal fields and experience in different legal acts.

Advice Group for Legal Consultant has moved forward to live up to competition to be a provider of legal services.

Also, the Group is constantly educating and training its team and upgrading its capacity on the latest decrees, laws, regulations, rules, polices, instructions, legal systems, judicial provisions, and principles which help the lawyers at the group to rapidly and effectively respond to the challenges, regardless of their enormity.

The Group is aware of the economic pressures on the clients due to the reality of the competitive market, The Group aims always at building a long-term relationship with the clients through fair and suitable accounting practices.

Driven by gaining the clients’ trust and confidence, the Group provides a complete and detailed advice on the reality of the legal file.

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