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Advice Group for Legal Consultant is specialized in providing the assistance in the field of construction and promotion of real estate, properties and commercial transaction related to the real estate in Kuwait.

Advice Group advises their clients on all tax systems and administrative laws related to the construction projects in Kuwait, to avoid violating tax, environment and labor laws, which is in the interest of our clients.

Also, Advice group gives to their client legal advice on the purchasing, leasing, or selling of lands or properties in Kuwait.

After the real estate prices in Kuwait become a cause of several conflicts and disputes, their become new kinds of crimes mainly resulted from either party’s breach to its obligations under the contract signed by parties. Being keen on the accuracy and professionalism in our business, we deal with real estate issues according to the below-mentioned three mechanism:
• Attempting to settle the dispute amicably.
• Serving legal warning before opening criminal reports or brining real estate claims.
• Recording the claims before the competent courts.

Also, Advice Group is one of the leading firms in dealing with the lease cases and has the authority to appear in front of the committees.

The Group has already represented many of companies and individuals, enabling the firm’s staff to have a wide experience in dealing with the leases cases and achieving high success rate.

In this regard, our Group is characterized with its ability to observe the cases to the implementation phase and collection of the amounts awarded.

We believe that our mission doesn’t end with the ruling in favor of our client, but our message is to achieve the goals of our client, whether the circumstances were difficult or almost impossible.

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