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Maritime Transportation Disputes



With the evolution of international trade, maritime sales emerged to be suitable for such quick pace of life; however, some disputes clouding such processes for being concluded between traders from different countries.

This in turn leads to overlap upon execution of sale contract and maritime transportation. Accordingly,international Chamber of Commerce set series of pre-defined commercial terms called “incoterms”.

These terms consist of a group of provisions related to sale such as “CIF” and “FOB” and others represented in conditions of maritime transportation and arbitration.

The majeure force in air and maritime disputes is not obligatory; however, it subjects to agreement of the maritime sale contract parties.

Some of the newly enacted legislations codified maritime sales as did by France and Kuwait.

Therefore, we are offering services specialized in this area of international conventions governing maritime and air transportations, especially environment laws enforced after extensive operations of waste disposal in regional waters of some countries.

Farther more, we provide consultations concerning vessels reserved for violating national laws and international conventions. We also offer consultation related todisposition of shipwrecks.

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