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Intellectual Property Right



In Advice Group for Legal Consultant, the intellectual right property cases are being tackled and addressed by lawyers with a skill and experience in the field of patents, trademarks, copy rights, modules, designs, information technology, electronic commerce and unfair competition cases.

Also, we have a distinct experience in the intellectual property rights, helping the local & international clients (multinational companies) obtaining the best privileges for their intellectual property.

The firm investigates in the trade names and trademarks cases in order to register and license the proposed trademarks and companies name to be used in the State of Kuwait and Gulf Cooperation Council Countries.

The Group submits the application and sues regarding the applications of local and international trademarks in the State of Kuwait. Also, the Group brings proceedings regarding the application of foreign trademarks of foreign clients or law firms.

Advice Group is qualified in all legislations of Intellectual Property Rights

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