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Family Lawyer



Family’s lawyer is concerned with providing legal service to families in an easy, confidential, honest, and integral manner.

The program is mainly developed to settle disputes of legal nature arising between members of a family and to offer legal consultations for families. Through this distinctive program, Advice offers legal services in fields of legal consultations, arbitration, and family disputes in an easy, confidential, honest, meticulous, and integral manner without reference to courts to maintain relative’s linkage.

The program includes the following:
• Offering legal consultations.
• Procedures related to real-estates and movable property of the family, registration of legal dispositions such as title transfer between family members, testamentary, inheritance, granting, endowment, lease, inclusion of a property in a title deed, issuing building permits, concluding mortgage and mortgage release procedures before banks and competent entities, issuing and renewal of insurance contracts against fire, robbery, and natural disasters with insurance companies and competent authorities, and claiming for compensation in case of damage.

• Procedures related to family’s movable funds such as (vehicles … etc.) including issuing of licenses, application, registration of legal disposition such as sale, testamentary, endowment, grant, or inheritance, issuing and renewal of comprehensive insurance contracts and policies or insurance license from insurance companies, and competent entities, and claiming for compensation in cases of insured incidents.

• Personal status cases (marriage, divorce, alimony, custody).
• Inheritances (confining, identifying, and distributing real-estate), grant, testamentary, and endowment.
• Dealing with all governmental entities in regards of resolving of all businesses.
• Issuing and renewing documentary papers of the family members before competent authorities (passports, ID, form, licenses).
• Incorporation of companies and establishments of different kinds (limited liability company, partnership companies … etc.) and acting on behalf of the family members in attending board of directors’ meetings, issuing and renewal of commercial register.

• Drafting and concluding all kinds of contracts, agreements, and powers of attorney between family members and with third party concerning different legal dispositions.

• Opening and cancelling bank accounts and funds of different types with banks, taking loans, and offering required securities and guarantees.

Advice Group conducts the arbitration in all cases and settlement of disputes settlement with third parties. This covers:

  • (Drafting and preparing arbitration agreements, amicable resolution of disputes, representing the parties of arbitration and conciliation as an arbitrator and conciliator, observing procedures before competent authorities from the approval of the arbitration document to arbitration award, preparing and submitting contestation brief to quash tribunal awards, and following-up procedures of executing arbitration awards and settlements).


  • Facilitating opening of bank accounts and funds of different types with banks taking loans and offering required securities and guarantees. Arbitration and settlement of family disputes of legal nature.
  • Offering insurance services of all kinds with the best local and international insurance companies.
  • Representing the family members in negotiations taking place with third parties and other entities concerning the family rights.
  • Coordinating with all entities outside the Country concerning matters related to the family interests.
    Advice Group Fees for the Program
    In light of this program, Advice Group obtain its fees under an annual and renewable legal consultation service agreement. As for rest of cases and claims, Advice gets paid by virtue of a separate agreement.
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