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Intellectual Property Rights program



In this program, we provide a wide range of services for the trademarks, patents, industrial designs and models, name of online domain and copyrights.
The Services of this program includes:

• Registering trademarks, patents, industrial designs, models and copyrights.

• Covering all needs of our client in respect of the intellectual property rights from the registration, litigation, keeping, maintenance, issuance of licenses and consultations related to the trademarks, patents and industrial designs and models in Arab countries and the rest of the world through the platform of our partners around the world.

• Providing services related to the infringements, forgery, oppositions, write-off and appeal procedures.

• Service of controlling trademarks.

• Providing our clients with the service of controlling trademarks, surveying the markets and controlling forgery. If there is any sign of infringement, we will issue a detailed report stating the situation and some recommendations.

• Drafting patents.

• Providing our client with a professional vision in this regard, drafting the applications and the complete description of innovation and models in accordance with different laws related to patents in the World.

 The system for verifying the patents

We will spare no effort to accelerate the inspection procedures in the national patent offices. Thus, we provide our clients with:

  •  Conduct research and analytical reports to identify the patents granted subject matter of the application Which are valid in local patent offices.
  •  Amending claims: in order to draft the application in accordance with the national patents’ laws.
  • Continuing the research and verification: The verification process is completed by granting the patent.
  • Observing the amendments to the patents.
  •  Monitoring the market effectively and constantly to notify us of any type of amendments, ensuring the highest degree of protection for the patents.
    • Registering the names of on line domain.
    • Renewing the licenses of intellectual property.
    • The assessment services provided help in identifying the financial value of all intellectual property rights, whether they are brand, trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets or industrial designs and models.

    • Drafting license and franchise agreements and providing the legal advice on the conformity of such agreement with the litigation, intermediary and Arab laws.
    • Providing high-quality information and a brief of the international matters of the legal personnel’s interest to be aware of all the developments on the ground, especially in the field of intellectual property.
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