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Corporate Law and Foreign Investment



Our Group provides legal advisory services and helps local and foreign companies to build and develop their business in the State of Kuwait and international markets.

The Group covers the areas of legal advice to all elements of business activities, including:

  • The establishment and incorporation of companies according to the best formulas related to the activity of its clients and nature of their business.
  • The selection and establishment of the firm’s appropriate structure.
  • The preparation of all contracts concluded between partners and shareholders.
  • The development of regulations and procedures related to the Company’s business and the preparation of company’s contract forms.
  • Representing and defending clients’ interests in their relationship with a third party.
  • Planning and defending the clients’ tax interests and other labor and tax laws related to the contracts completed in Kuwait.
  • Securing the legal infrastructure of the firm’s managements in order to improve their outcomes and increase their market value.
  • Implementing the processes of merging, acquisition and franchise.
  • Assisting the local and foreign companies in carrying out their business operation in Kuwait and other states through purchasing or merging with other companies and mechanism for dealing with these companies, including contracts of joint ventures, agreement, distribution or others.
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